Logo Replacement

There are so many image replacement techniques out there I’ve lost count. Some using negative margins, super-small fonts or display:none, the reports are that some of them aren’t accessible.

But why replace images at all? Isn’t the alt attribute meant to replace images with text, rather than a contortion of CSS techniques?

For the MOE Website we used negative margins to do the image replacement for the MOE crest on the top left. However, under it is a black-and-white version of the crest. This is used in the printer styles, and will also be printed by browsers that aren’t CSS-enabled. The black-and-white crest has alt text to make it accessible should images be turned off.

I’m sure there are many ways to skin this particular cat.


One response to “Logo Replacement

  1. These are some of the techniques for css image replacement i had used in the past


    I personally prefer #8, as it passes css ON and images OFF test. 🙂

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