It takes a village…

“…to raise a child”. The adage is used ever so often here at MOE, but it is something all parents would attest to be true. One of the most comforting things I’ve discovered about parenting is that I’m not in the trenches alone. When I blogged 3 years ago about how hard it was to take care of newborn Anne I received quite a number of emails and comments, telling me of their own experiences with their newborns. The encouragement saw us through those long hard nights.

Here at MOE we would like to provide parents as much support as we can give, and it is becoming evident that one of the things we could do is to help in the building of a parenting community. We started taking small steps with Schoolbag last year.

Schoolbag is primarily a place for parents to find out about what’s going on in schools these days, but we’d like to take it a little further in creating a more vibrant interactive online environment. We’ve asked around a bit and some parents have asked if we could have discussion forums.

Would you use a discussion forum? Is there anything else you might like in terms of online support?


9 responses to “It takes a village…

  1. Hi,
    I am a parent who is very concern of my children education and is very curious of the progress of my children in school. Recently I has been actively looking for good Chinese home tutor for my 2 kids.
    Hence, it would be good if there is a forum or otherwise so that anxious parent can share their view and information about those matters that i mentioned as above would be great. Currently my son is in p3. He is a pretty smart and intelligent kid and wondering if he can eligible to go to the gep class and if he can should we sent him there as we do heard of some negative things about gep…

  2. Yes, I’m supportive of an online discussion to help parents stay in touch with parenting, especially in relation to implementation & execution of the education system. The content of this Forum, to me, is important, however, being transparent on how the Forum’s feedback is being reviewed and/or translated into action is even more important to ensure parents’ conviction in this Forum.

  3. Thank you both for the great feedback.

    Janet, I agree with you that the content of the forum is of utmost importance, and we hope to be as open and transparent as possible on how feedback is handled. The management of any community, online or off, is not an easy task, and we hope for all your support and understanding as we figure out how to better serve citizens in this increasingly connected environment.

    That said, I am certain that MOE and parents could work closely to enrich the education of our children.

  4. Sadique Jaffer

    I am fully in support of the forum for parents.

    Another issue I find in scarcity is the amount and quality of communication between the school, namely the teachers, and parents. The school where my daughter attends encourages communication between parents and teachers via a student’s handbook. On top of that there is a “Parent/Teachers session” probably once or twice a year. My question is, is this enough to get the best for our mutual objectives – in nurturing our children?

    I feel communication between the parents and teachers should be ongoing as and when the need arise. Parents always want to know their kid’s progress and teachers, too can give valuable feedback to parents pertaining to a child’s development not only in academic terms but also in their discipline. In this day and age where technology has enabled us to do things real time, we could spot and correct our kids and give them the required attention and care they need immediately.

    While this may cause some paranoid parents to abuse the communication channel, there has to be a way which will efficiently enhance communication. While most teachers and principals have tons of emails to reply to both externally and internally, a parent’s query may take up to a week or more to be responded.

  5. Douglas Finnigan


    I’m a poly lecturer, and am writing to say how great it is that you’re taking this initiative. Not just the blog and whether or not to have a discussion forum (discussion is always good), but also that, as you mention in the About page, what could easily be yet another empty exercise is being taken seriously as a way to involve all parents in the education process in Singapore. The current economic crisis has shown how Singapore needs a solid foundation to protect against global emergencies – and education is a key part of this foundation. Good luck!

  6. Hi,
    with reference to Mdm Sadique Jaffar email, I do agree that we need more form of communication with the form teacher other then the journal book and once or twice a year meeting with teachers.
    My son used to have a very good form teacher. she has a blog whereby she will update the class activity in it. She will also highlight those students who have forgotten to hand up certain work sheets. I found it very good as it provide good information to parents. I also quite often communicate to the teacher through her email and she is very responsive to my email. And at the end of the year, her class performed the best in the whole school. I am really glad that my son was under her guidance and teaching.

  7. Hi, I agree that communication between the parents and teachers should be prompt so that we are able to know the kids progress in school.I think we should be given teacher’s email address beside communicating in the handbook.

  8. Hi,

    I am strongly support this P-T forum (parents-sharing/opinion-teachers experience).

    I am glad that Mdm.Lim’son was under very good form teacher’s teaching.

    Our children are actually in Form Teacher’s hand.

    The form teacher is roll model for them.

    However, I have an experience of the form teacher who does not really go through in school text book.

    How shall I comment?

    I can simply possitive conclude that this is my child’s luck.

  9. Thank you all for your feedback. It has been extremely useful in helping us understand your needs.