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Capitalising the Necessary

It’s probably quite ubiquitous, but quite a number of government webpages use ALL CAPS to denote something important. Like someone’s name, or the title to a press release.

I recently had to recode a list of more than 300 names, which was given to me in capital letters. I could get someone else to retype those names line by line, but I couldn’t even bear the thought of giving this job to a sentient being of any sort.

Never thought I’d be saying this, but thank goodness Microsoft Word does these nitty gritty things like changing the format of all text. So I hit the shortcut key, do some major search and replacing to htmlise the content. Tadah, I have the page.

Rats, didn’t take into account the fact that some of the more illustrious names on the list have acronyms behind them, denoting qualifications or summat. Gotta be careful when using a sledgehammer I guess.