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Why 6 Words

When we first started working on Teachersday.sg, we put ourselves on a shoestring budget. We weren’t planning on using any formal form of advertisement. We needed something that was “viral” in nature. Sorta like the cute photos of bunnies everyone forwards around via email. The print ads and radio spots were unplanned, but something we’re grateful to the guys in the other division for. 🙂

Somewhere between brainstorming and procrastinating I came across an article by Wired entitled “very short stories. The concept stuck.

I know you’re probably reading this because you’re upset that your note of thanks has been constrained to a mere 6 words. I have no doubt a longer account would have been easier to write, but we didn’t want this year’s Teachers’ Day website to be like the rest of the other years’.

So we’re counting on you to showcase your creativity, ingenuity and wit. You can leave a note that’s as simple as “Thank you for teaching me well”, or really put on your thinking cap to craft a message worthy of Hemingway.

Six words. We issued the challenge.

Meet it. We know you can.

Saying thanks need not be verbose.

Just speak it from your heart.